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Dark Path

After so many years, I have finally made a sort-of new artwork! Horahhhh! I was inspired by the movie, yes you guessed it, Lord of The Rings. I cannot express how epic the trilogy was. The storyline. The characters. The visual effects (can’t help but to appreciate this one). Almost everything. It’s just one of the movies you will never regret watching. Well, thanks to a really good friend of mine who told me about it!

Like I’ve said on my previous post, this was supposed to be my submission for Graphika Manila's Book. Apparently, I was not able to send it on time. Anyway, highway, hopefully this illustration signifies a productive year for me. So, yep. See you guys tomorrow at Graphika Manila!

viα llesimSilhouettes II
idols over the years aka pale ladies with dark hair and dark clothes ftw

// me and my sister were playing guessing game with our favourite characters and i realized that mine are mostly bw goth-ish looking, so i started sketching just because why not and suddenly there was more and more of them those signs don’t make much sence, it just felt like something should be written there, but writing just names seemed silly, so, eh…

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